Villa Daniela - Five Keys


Naturally, when in Greece you expect to experience the ‘real’ Greece. Absorbing traditional sights, sounds and daily life, which here on the legendary island of Crete are distinctly unique and intense.

A lot of opportunities await you on our island, Nikos is always at hand to give you some insider tips or advice on how to plan your daytime or night-time excursions.

But, how about tasting excellent Greek wines or sipping on chilled champagne as you laze by the pool, listening to the waterfall gently cascading down the rocks next to you? or preparing and serving your dinner on your own personal terrace beneath the incredible starlit night sky by candlelight ?

At Villa Daniela we want your experience to be without compromise. The quality and modern style of our accommodation, from the building construction through to the furniture and decoration will surprise and delight you. So, relax and enjoy your holiday with us without compromising on quality.

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