Villa Daniela - Five Keys

Sun and sea

Either lying next to one of our luxurious pools or whilst dipping a toe into the crystal-clear sea on one of the several wonderful beaches in the area, you will constantly be accompanied by the warm embracing Cretan sun. Experience crystal clear seas and endless blue sky in all their glory.

The Long Beach (visible from your pool), is the longest beach to be found on our island. Its coarse greyish sand stretches for more than 2km and its deep crystal-clear water invites a feeling of absolute calmness. You will be sure to find a great spot even at the height of summer.

During your time at the beach you can bask in the liberty of the natural beach areas or delight in lying in an organized part of the beach (umbrellas and sunbeds are free to use). If you feel hungry, but can’t bear to leave the amazing clear waters and relaxing beach, then simply visit one of the many high quality taverns and restaurants to be found along the sea shore. Enjoy quality traditional Greek food at its best. Why not try fresh fish cooked at one of the island’s best restaurants?

The Long Beach is situated directly in front of you, a heartbeat from the residence (1.5km driving or walking distance). Of course, our island boasts many other wonderful beaches, some large and organized and others which lay off the beaten track, laying secluded and hidden, just waiting for you to discover them. These beaches, many of which are reminiscent of scenes from movies can be found all along the coast in distances from 2 to 20km.

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