Villa Daniela - Five Keys


Every unit at Villa Daniela sports its own large terrace with direct access to one of the pools, where, as you relax and soak up the warmth of the Cretan sun you can be forgiven for being deceived by your eyes. The water in front of you will appear to flow magically from the pool outwards towards the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Our Spa and recreation services can help you transfering the same sense of hapiness and relaxing to your body.

Turning away from the deep blue sea you will experience the feel embraced by the surrounding mountainside. The rich smells of Thyme, Salvia and Pine are gently brought to you by the soft sea breeze. The only disturbance to your peace and silence will be the occasional call of distant sea birds or the rustling sea breeze as its filters through the mountain forests.

On the hottest days, the sea breeze brings not only the fragrant mountain air, but also welcome relief from the warmth of the Cretan sun.

And if the beach is your favorite, then the Long beach, one of Crete’s most secluded beaches, stretches in front of you at a short distance from the Villa. The coarse greyish sand quickly changes to a fine white sand as you take your first steps into the warm crystal-clear waters of the Aegean. Here you can lay down quiet and even fall asleep…

If you find it difficult to leave the beach behind at the end of each day, then fear not. The perfect way to relax after a day of fun and exploration is to ponder the moon’s silver light reflecting up at you from the sea below, whilst sat on your terrace, taking in the incredible night sly and sipping on a mature red wine.

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